Rubber Studded Tile

Commonly used in areas of heavy traffic like Airports, Hospitals, Clubs and Subway. The inherent qualities of our stud tile
flooring also makes it ideally suited for installation in Laboratories, Bars, Elevators, Restaurants, Cinemas, Showrooms, Shops,
Exhibition Halls as well as in the home where a durable, easy to clean and non-slip flooring is required

Product Specification:
Size : 2′ x 2′
Thickness : 5 mm (3 mm + 2 mm stud thickness)
Stud Diameter : 25 mm


  • Manufactured from Natural / Synthetic Rubber
  • Provides a Durable Attractive Hardwearing Floor Surface
  • Applied by Adhession to Floor
  • Suitable Flooring for Industrial, Commercial and Leisure
  • Anti-static an Sound Absorbent
  • Designed to Protect Floor Surfaces
  • Chemical, Cigarette Burn & Slip Resistant
  • Stock Colours Black and Grey

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Rubber Studded Tile