PVC Wooden Stripe

ISO 9001
Since 1985, the best choice of flooring!

Dimension  :  183mm x 915mm
Thickness   :  3.0mm
Wear Layer :  0.3mm
Package      :  20pcs ( 36sq ft ) / Box

Korea PVC Wood Tile
. Reproduces wood and marble patterns with natural texture to create a stylish atmosphere
. Keeps shape due to heat and humidity by special processing
. Has little contraction, expansion or bending phenomena caused by changes in temperature
due to special press construction method.
. Excellent wear resistance, durability and chemical resistance.
. Has various options by beautiful colors and modern, elegant designs.
. Possible to use semi-permanent without contamination on surface.

Korea PVC Usage
. Commercial And residence for indoor decor.
. Commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, houses, shopping malls, apartments, stores etc.

Korea PVC Wood Tile Structure

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PVC Wooden Stripe